Creating Delicious Sausages
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           Homemade sausage
 recipes with simple, clear instructions for the first time sausage maker.  
          The sausages recipes have been reduced to 1 - 5 pound recipes allowing you to sample different recipes.


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  • Over 80% of American households own a grill.  Stand out among your family and friends with juicy, tasty brats, and Italian sausages at an economical cost.
  •  If you can make a meatloaf you can create breakfast sausages or burger patties.
  • Delicious breakfast patties different from the ususal store brand.
  • Unique ethnic sausage recipes.
  • Deer sausage recipes
  • Cost less than store brand sausage and reduced fat/salt levels. 
  • Price check local meat markets for lowest cost/pound.       

  1. Purchase a mold at a local hardware or kitchen supple store ususally under $20.
  2. Spray vegetable spray on mold for quick release.
  3. Press sausage firmly to create a solid patty but do not pack meat into mold.
  4. Freeze bewteen wax paper for up to two months.
Sausage Casings
  1. Type sausage casings into your web browser.
  2. Check rating of website number of stars.
  3. The website should state how much meat the casing will process--example 10 to 25 pounds of meat.
  4. Check with local meat markets if you can purchase 10 to 15 feet of casing.  


Creating Delicious Sausages contains 80 sausage recipes from 30 countries with many more helpful hints.

 Pork Sausage     Tennessee Sausage    Southwestern Sausage   Ozark Sausage   Chaurice New Orleans   Liver Sausage version 1 &2    Nuremberg Brats  Frankfurters  

 Haitian    Hungarian    Passover   Israeli Salami   Lithuanian    Moroccan Lamb  Norwegian    Polish Kielbasa    Portuguese     Kentucky     Linguicia    Romanian    

Swedish Potato      Liver Sausage   Cevapcicci  Kebabce     Medisterrolse   Riisimakkara   German Brats  Knockwurst   Greek Orange     Hazi Kolbasz  Irish     Kosher Brats

 Meatless hot dogs   Pork & Shiitakea Chorizo   Sorlands-Kumper    Puerto Rician   Polish Blood Metitie   Russian     Scandianavain   Headcheese.                  



   Hold slight tension on casing when filling, this will help avoid air pockets, do not over fill casing, may burst when cooked.